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Daily Conservation Voting

  • Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest
  • Greater Kudu
  • Eland

In 2007, Zoo Boise announced a new conservation initiative aiming to significantly increase the zoo’s conservation efforts and the help the Treasure Valley community raise $1 million every 4 years for wildlife conservation worldwide. Zoo Boise was the first zoo in the country to create a conservation fee included in daily admissions and Annual Passes, currently $.50 and $5.00 respectively. Upon entry, zoo visitors receive a special token that allows them to cast a vote for 1 of 3 conservation projects they would like to support.  Visitors can also choose to vote more than once by using additional coins.  Below are the winners of conservation grants through the Daily Conservation Voting program.



March – Praying Mantids

May – Blue Wildebeest

July – Greater Kudu


January – May – Gorongosa National Park (Miscellaneous)

June – Bushbuck

July – Green-Headed Oriole

August – Lion

September – Rubber Frog

October – Crawshay’s Zebra


January – April – Gorongosa National Park (Miscellaneous)

May – Impala

June – Oriole

July – Kudu

August – Elephant

September – Zebra

October – December – Gorongosa National Park (Miscellaneous)


January/February – World Wildlife Fund (Prairie Dog)

March – African Wildlife Foundation (Zambezi River Fish)

April – Wildlife Conservation Society (Siberian Tiger) and  Snow Leopard Trust (Snow Leopard)

May – Gorilla Doctors (Mountain Gorilla) and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo (Black & White Ruffed Lemur)

June –  SaveNature.org (Rainforest Species) and Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (Three-Wattled Bellbird)

July – Turtle Survival Alliance (Radiated Tortoise) and University of Idaho (Pygmy Rabbit)

August – International Rhino Foundation (Sumatran and Javan Rhinos) and New Nature Foundation (Chimpanzee)

September/October – Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness (Wolverine) and College of Idaho (Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Project)

November/December – Wildlife SOS (Sloth Bear) and The Peregrine Fund (Andean Condor)


January/February – International Rhino Foundation (Black Rhino)

March/April – American Bird Conservancy (Fuertes’s Parrot)

May – American Bird Conservancy (Long-whiskered Owlet)

June – Ape TAG (Gorilla)

July – Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (Dhole)

August – World Wildlife Fund (Amur Leopard)

September/October – Snow Leopard Conservancy (Snow Leopard)

November/December – Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness (Wolverine)


January/February/March – Association of Zoo & Aquariums (Miscellaneous)

April – Sahara Conservation Fund (Saharan Cheetah)

May –  Fundacion Patagonia Natural (Patagonian Cavy)

June – Keystone Conservation (Grizzly Bear)

July – Great Bear Foundation (American Black Bear)

August – Polar Bears International (Polar Bear)

September/October – World Wildlife Fund (Kemp’s Ridley Turtle)

November/December – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo (Black and White Ruffed Lemur)