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Construction Updates

Stay updated on the construction at Zoo Boise.

Zoo Boise is open during construction! Once finished, the new Gorongosa National Park exhibit will feature a variety of animals that can be seen in Gorongosa National Park, including wild African dogs, baboons, Nile crocodiles, vervet monkeys, otters, hyenas, saddle-billed storks, warthogs, nyala and southern ground hornbills. The exhibit will also tell the story of the agricultural, medical and education programs that are in place to partner with the local people. The exhibit will be a way for visitors to learn about all the components of a real life conservation project as it unfolds.

The campaign will also remove and update a number of exhibits that no longer meet modern zoological standards, including the primate house and aviaries.  Instead, that area of the zoo will celebrate our history and better address our visitor needs with a stage, event area, covered seating for dining guests, and some new animal exhibits.

Glass Panel Testing 11-08-18

Zoo staff had to test the strength of different glass panels for the new exhibits to ensure safety for guests and the animals. Here is a video of two of those tests.

Crocodile and Otter Pools 11-02-18

Construction crews have begun to spray concrete and smooth it out for the crocodile and otter pools. Very cool stuff!

Rock Removal in Former Hyena Exhibit 10-25-18

Demolition and rock removal inside the former hyena yard is almost complete. Soon this exhibit will redone for the future nyala and hornbills that will be moving to Zoo Boise.

Gibbon Building is Almost Completed 10-06-18

Construction continues at full speed! The Wild Dog/Hyena building is up and it has been dry framed in with a roof. The Gibbon Building walls are up and construction crews will start framing and roofing that building next week. In addition, we have foundations poured for our new stage, crane holding building, and one of the pavilions.

Backfill Completed on Several Exhibits 08-18-18

Several foundations are done, backfill completed, and blocks are going up. We will soon have walls! Soon construction crews will begin pouring the footers and foundation for the E.O. Wilson Building. Things are really starting to take shape!

Foundations are Being Built 07-21-18

Foundations for some of the buildings and animal exhibits in the new Gorongosa National Park Exhibit are starting to be built. For example, the photo below is the foundation for the African wild dogs holding.

Primate House and Aviaries Demolished 06-26-18

The Primate House, Aviaries, and Wallaby Walkabout have been demolished. Soon, construction will begin on the Annamite Mountains Exhibit and new guest amenities in the front of the zoo.

Demolition Begins 05-21-18

Demolition has begun on the Primate House and Aviaries. This will make room for new animal exhibits and more guest amenities.

Tree Protection in Place 05-19-2018

Proper processes and measures have been put into place to ensure protection of the trees within the construction zone.

Digging Begins for Gorongosa Exhibit Foundations 05-16-2018

Digging at the new Gorongosa National Park Exhibit has begun. This hole is where the foundation for the African wild dog and hyena holding building will be.

Access to the Primate House is Closed 05-11-2018

Access to the Primate House and Aviaries are closed off due to the upcoming demolition. Access to the African Plains Exhibit is now through the gate next to the Penguin Pavilion.


Construction on new Fence 04-11-2018

Equipment and trucks have arrived to begin construction on the new fence that expands the size of the zoo by 1.5 acres.

Groundbreaking Ceremony 04-06-2018

City of Boise and Friends of Zoo Boise leaders broke ground on the new Gorongosa National Park Exhibit today. The exhibit, which will expand the zoo’s footprint by 1.5 acres, will also enhance Zoo Boise’s conservation efforts around the world. Learn more about the groundbreaking ceremony HERE.