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Snooze at the Zoo

Join us for an overnight adventure at Zoo Boise!

Zoo Boise offers Snooze at the Zoo events between May and October on specific dates. They are available for groups of 15 or more participants. Special dates may be requested but are subject to zoo approval. If interested in booking a Snooze at the Zoo, please submit the form below and a staff member will contact you soon.

If interested in a Snooze at the Zoo, please fill out the form below.

Snooze at the Zoo FAQs

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Price per participant (adult or child) is $65.

Q. What is the minimum age for children to attend?
A. Children must be at least 7 years of age to participate in a Snooze at the Zoo event.

Q. What time is Snooze at the Zoo?
A. Snooze at the Zoo events are from 7:30PM until 9:00AM.

Q. Where do we sleep?
A. Overnighters will sleep in tents in the Chitengo Camp inside the Gorongosa National Park Exhibit on a first come first serve basis. When camp is full, or if you prefer personal tents may be used. Open-air and indoor space is also available for those who prefer it.

Q. Does the zoo provide bedding?
A. Sleeping in all locations is on the ground. Bedding and mats are the responsibility of camper.

Q. Is dinner provided?
A No. Dinner should be eaten prior to arrival.

Q. Are snacks provided?
A. A light evening snack is provided. Campers may bring additional snacks if desired. Special dietary needs are the responsibility of camper.

Q. Is breakfast provided?
A. Continental style breakfast is provided. Special dietary needs are the responsibility of camper.

Q. What is the minimum number of people required to book a Snooze at the Zoo?
A. A 15 person minimum is required to book a Snooze at the Zoo. Groups can schedule a Snooze at the Zoo for the equivalent of 15 paid registrants including both adults and children. This means that if your group has only 10 participants you will pay the equivalent for 15 participants.

Q. What is the maximum number of participants allowed at a Snooze at the Zoo?
A. 30. Number may be exceeded with special approval of zoo staff.

Q. What do we bring to Snooze at the Zoo?
A. Please don’t bring more than you can carry. Participants are required to transport belongings to sleep location.

All Participants should bring:

  • Clothing for inclement weather. Activities are outside rain or shine
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, mat, pj’s
  • Toiletries (showers are not available)

Q. What do we do at Snooze at the Zoo?
A. Snooze at the Zoo events are led by the Zoo Boise’s Education Department. Staff will provide a fun filled learning adventure through programs about animals, environment, and conservation during the evening along with games, experiments, and free time to explore the zoo on your own. Wrapping up with the Night Prowl. The event will conclude in the morning with a special experience.

Q. What animals will we see?
A. There’s no guarantee what you’ll see while prowling on zoo grounds. As in the wild, animals may choose to remain hidden, or may be off exhibit for a number of reasons including noise level, weather and temperature. As a result, every Snooze at the Zoo is unique in the animals that are observed on any given day.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of reservation. Balance is due one week prior to reservation date. Cancellations received after the one week point are non-refundable.

Q. Can we add more people
A. The number of participants must be confirmed one week prior to your reservation date.

To check availability and begin the reservation process please submit the form below.

Snooze at the Zoo Form

Private Snooze at the Zoo Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

When you register for a class or program with the Zoo Boise/City of Boise, this Personal Release Statement is implied: I understand that the registered activities and services may have an element of hazard or inherent danger and I take full responsibility for my actions and physical condition. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Boise and its employees from any liability loss, cost or expense (including attorney’s fees, medical and ambulance costs) that I may incur while participating in the Recreation activities. I give my consent to use any photographs or videotape taken of me in future promotional or marketing materials.