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Wedding Venue

Nestled within Julia Davis Park and downtown Boise, Zoo Boise offers a unique and exotic venue for your wedding. Your guests will be in awe at Zoo Boise’s natural setting, amazing onsite catering, and the personal service you’ll receive by our event staff. With one-of-a-kind exclusive animal and photo experiences at an affordable price, Zoo Boise is the perfect venue for your special day.

Photo and featured image (cropped to fit) by Jahni Lynn Photography – www.jahnilynnphoto.com

A Zoo Boise wedding isn’t just beautiful, unique, and fun, but it helps to protect wildlife all over the world. Since 2007, Zoo Boise has generated more than $2 million to protect wildlife in Idaho and all over the world. Click HERE to learn more about our revolutionary conservation programs.

Wedding Venue Cost

Summer Prices (May-September)

Group Size Weekend (Thurs-Sat) Weekday (Sun-Wed)
0-99 $900 $750
100-299 $2,000 $1,500
300-599 $2,500 $2,100
600-1000 $3,100 $2,700

1000+ – please contact the rental coordinator.

Winter Prices (October-April)

Group Size Weekend (Thurs-Sat) Weekday (Sun-Wed)
0-99 $750 $750
100-299 $1,500 $1,450
300-599 $2,100 $1,800
600-1000 $2,700 $2,300

1000+ – please contact the rental coordinator.

Wedding venue cost includes all attendees from ages 0 and up. Annual passes may not be applied to venue fee. Weddings in September will end 20 minutes after sunset or 9:00 pm, whichever is earlier. Weddings in April end at 8:30.

All prices are subject to 6% Idaho Sales Tax. Tax exempt organizations must provide ST-101 to rental coordinator at time of reservation.

Optional Amenities


Animal Presentation: $150

An animal presentation lasts 30 minutes and consists of 2 to 3 education animals that guests interact with or encounter up close. Presentations are held at the presentation area near the front of the zoo, by the boat dock, or in an alternate location specified by the zookeeper. Specific animals may be requested, however requests cannot be guaranteed. Use of animal depends on conditions and availability.

Butterflies in Bloom: $150 (available June 1st through Labor Day only)

You and your guests walk along a path inside the butterfly house as the butterflies fly around, and potentially land on you. (This is not an interactive exhibit – guests are not allowed to touch the butterflies). Butterflies are less active in the evening, therefore this exhibit is only available until 7pm.

Conservation Cruise: $275 up to 299 people; $375 for 300+ people (available May through Oct only)

Unlimited rides for you and your guests on the Conservation Cruise. The cruise takes visitors across the lagoon to the African Plains. There are rotating animal exhibits only viewable from the boat. The boat holds up to 15 people and all children under 15 years old are required to wear provided life jackets.

Face Painting/Temporary Tattoos: $100

ZooTeen volunteers will paint faces and provide temporary tattoos for guests of all ages during your rental for up to three (3) hours.

Giraffe Encounter: $150

For one hour, you and your guests can feed our two giraffes, weather permitting.

Zoo Farm

At the Zoo Farm guests can pet our zoo animals through a fence and have the option to purchase farm food for $.25. There is no additional charge to have the Zoo Farm open for your event, however if must be booked in advance and will be for a two hour period from 5:30-7:30pm.

Sound System: $50

Use of zoo sound system for time allotted in rental agreement. May be used for public address or to play music during your event.

Amplified Sound Permit: $50

Must follow City of Boise and Zoo Boise amplified sound protocols.  At the discretion of zoo staff, the volume will be turned down, or the sound stopped altogether if any animal becomes stressed due to the noise. Sound permit is not required, but does insure no interruptions from other sources within Julia Davis Park.

Cotton Candy & Pop Corn*:

$175 (50 bags of each, 100 bags total); $350 (100 bags of each, 200 bags total)

Carousel*: $275 up to 299 visitors; $375 for 300+ people

Unlimited rides on the carousel which features various animals, including elephants, monkeys, and lions.

* Cotton Candy, Pop Corn and Carousel are booked/invoiced separately through the catering dept.

Catering Menu

Photo by Jahni Lynn Photography – www.jahnilynnphoto.com

Taste of the Wild Catering provides excellent service and quality culinary creations. We engage our guests in a socially valuable experience through our partnership with Zoo Boise.

Click Here to See the Catering Menu

If you have any questions, please contact our event coordinator, Elaine, by email or by phone at (208) 608-7744.