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A Zoo with a New View Capital Campaign

A campaign to transform Zoo Boise into a leading force for wildlife conservation.

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About the Campaign

In 1916, Zoo Boise began as a menagerie to house a collection of exotic birds and an escaped circus chimp.  For the last 100 years, Zoo Boise has continued to grow, adding new exhibits and programs to become a community treasure that provides a wonderful educational and recreational opportunity for more than 340,000 visitors annually—making Zoo Boise one of the largest attractions in the state.

Unfortunately, as Zoo Boise has grown, so have the threats facing animals in the wild.  Elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, gorillas, pandas, polar bears and countless others—all face extinction within a couple decades.  For Zoo Boise, simply being a nice place to bring your family to learn about animals is no longer enough.  We had to do more in order to address this crisis that threatens the world’s most iconic species, the same species our children hold so dear.

8 years ago, Zoo Boise reinvented itself.

We made it part of our mission to protect animals in the wild.  We turned the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action.  With the creation of a conservation fee and a series of fee-based animal interactions, Zoo Boise has generated more than $2 million so far for wildlife conservation projects around the world.

Now, as Zoo Boise begins its second century, it is time to take our commitment to wildlife conservation to the next level.  The zoo has launched the $8.9 million Zoo with a New View Capital Campaign.  The project will construct a new 2.5 acre Gorongosa National Park exhibit, including an expansion of the size of the zoo by 1 acre.  Gorongosa, once one of the greatest parks in Africa, was destroyed during 25 years of war in Mozambique.  Zoo Boise is part of a partnership to rebuild the park, increasing animal populations while also addressing the needs of the very poor people who live nearby.  The Gorongosa National Park exhibit in Boise will generate $2 million towards the efforts in Mozambique to protect elephants, lions, zebras and more!

The Zoo Boise exhibit will feature a variety of animals that can be seen in Gorongosa National Park,

including wild African dogs, baboons, Nile crocodiles, vervet monkeys, otters, hyenas, saddle-billed storks, warthogs, nyala and southern ground hornbills.  The exhibit will also tell the story of the agricultural, medical and education programs that are in place to partner with the local people.  The exhibit will be a way for visitors to learn about all the components of a real life conservation project as it unfolds.

The campaign will also remove and update a number of exhibits that no longer meet modern zoological standards, including the primate house and aviaries.  Instead, that area of the zoo will celebrate our history and better address our visitor needs with a stage, event area, covered seating for dining guests, a splash pad and some South American exhibits, along with a new primate exhibit.

Zoos and aquariums have the opportunity and responsibility to be one of the largest sources of conservation funding in the world.

Zoo Boise is one of the national leaders in this effort and the addition of these new exhibits will provide an example of how to change the definition of what it means to be a zoo.  We hope you will consider a gift to make sure the animals you and other families love so much are here for generations to come.

Future Gorongosa Animals



Spotted Hyena


Vervet Monkey




African Otter



African Wild Dog




Southern Ground Hornbill


And more!

Gorongosa Exhibit Renderings

Gorongosa Site and New Visitor Entrance Renderings

Centennial Plaza                                       Gorongosa Exhibit

Click on either rendering to view it as full screen.

Ariel and Image Renderings of Gorongosa Exhibit

Aerial_Combo image_combo

Giving Levels With Naming Opportunities

Elephant Level -$50,000+

  • 10 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Naming opportunities available*
  • 1 year Pride of the Zoo membership

Rhinoceros Level -$25,000

  • 8 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Naming opportunities available*
  • 1 year Pride of the Zoo membership

Hippopotamus Level -$10,000

  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Naming opportunities available*
  • 1 year Pride of the Zoo membership

Water Buffalo Level -$5,000

  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Naming opportunities available*
  • 1 year Pride of the Zoo membership

Pledges to the capital campaign can be paid over 2 years

*Please contact Rachel Winer at (208) 608-7764 or EMAIL to learn more about specific naming opportunities.

Donations and Commemorative Tiles

                       12×12, 8×8, & 4×8 Commemorative Tiles

Individual Donations & Commemorative Tiles


  • 12×12 commemorative tile
  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Text and animal OR your own drawing OR corporate logo


  • 8×8 commemorative tile
  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • 6 lines of text OR 3 lines of text plus animal (20 character limit per line)


  • 6×6 commemorative tile
  • 4 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • 4 lines of text OR 2 lines of text plus animal (14 character limit per line)


  • 4×8 commemorative tile
  • 4 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • 3 lines of text (20 character limit per line)


  • 2 passes to the opening of the new exhibit

Donations of $250 and more will be listed on campaign signage

Donations of $500 and more can choose one of the following animal graphics

20zoo21zoo6zoo  3zoo7zoo




Corporate Donations & Commemorative Tiles


  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Name and logo listed on 12×12 commemorative tile
  • Company name on campaign supporters signage


  • 6 passes to the opening of the new exhibit
  • Name on 8×8 commemorative tile
  • Company name on campaign supporters signage

Pledges to the capital campaign can be paid over 2 years

How to Donate

There are many ways in which you can help support the Zoo with a New View Capital Campaign:

  • Make checks payable to:
    Friends of Zoo Boise
    355 Julia Davis Drive
    Boise, ID 83702
  • Donate online
  • Call (208) 608-7764 to donate or make a transfer of stock
  • Want more info – EMAIL

Please note Zoo Boise appreciates donations by check whenever possible in order to save on credit card and online fees and to maximize donations.

Donors of $100 or more to the campaign

A Caring Hand Boise

A Caring Hand Home Health – Twin Falls

Mary Abercrombie

Ada County Assessor’s Office

Jeff & Tia Agosta

Steve Aita

Mary & John Alda

All Care Health Solutions

Gary & Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allred & Adam Sullivan

Keith & Christine Allred

The ALSAM Foundation

Amalgamated Sugar

Amy Amarello & Tom Widman

Jennifer Ammerman & Michael Murphy Sweet

Barbara & Larry Anderson

Robert & Michelle Angell

Karen Antram

Rob & Kate Aravich

Robert & Sara Arkle

Carol Arrizabalaga

Shannon Asbury-Satz

Ethan & Brittany Asher

Athlos Academies

Ian & Jackie Atkinson

Blu & Liza Atwood

Glenn & Janet Aubuchon

James & Karen Bailey

Jim Bailey & Elaine Daniel

Jim & Judith Balis

Carl & Tina Balsley

AJ & Susie Balukoff

Mark Baradziej & Darin Anderson-Baradziej

Eileen Barber

Michael & Maryse Barker

Shawn & Lisa Barnes

Zac Barnes

Allyson Barr

Mary Pat Barr

Barrick Gold PAC

Elizabeth & Philip Bartlett

Glenn Bartlett

Thomas & Nancy Baskin

Janine Bastian

Mark L. & Marybeth Bathrick

Thomas J. Beatty

Douglass & Gloria Becker

Gordon & Linda Beebe

Sandra Beebe

Nicholas & Sarah Beesley

Tony Bell

Brett Bennett & Deanne Petrie

Christina & Paul Bennion

Joe & Annette Bergeman

Becky & Richard  Bermensolo

Joslyn & Mike Bernhardt

Jean Betebenner

Laura Bettis

Beverly A. Miller Trust

James & Dianne Bevis

Vincent Bezemer & Esmarij Hoff

April & Tim Bialobrzeski

Rachael Bickerton & Tom Donahoe

Amanda & Oliver Bielmann

Sarah Bigger

Bob & Cheryl Binda

Hope & Ron Bingham



Marsha Blackman

Ron & Ann Blanton

Michael Bleck & Tana Herriman

Ambassador & Mrs. Blinken

Tim & Erica Blue

Rick Boardman

Alex Boehm & Valerie Fend-Boehm

Emily & Mark Boerner

Boise Cascade Company

Boise Regional REALTORS® Foundation

Boise State University

George Booth & Christina Knutson

Ken & Penny Borja

Samantha & Chad Boucher

Quincy & Kimberly Bowers

Jonathan & Joyce Bowman

Ed & Bridget Boyd

Deborah & Patrick Brady

Lauren & Steve Brassell

Roger Brazier & Bonnie Dobson Brazier

Broadview University

Angella & Randy Broesch

Sue Brokaw

Chris & Heidi Bromley

Becky & Cloris Brown

David & Judy Brown

Stacy & Lukas Brumpton

Karen Buchanan

Building Materials Holding Corporation (BMC)

Erik Burkholder & Diana Schilff

Kari & Brandon Burns

Peter Burns & Martha Godfrey Burns

Steve & Ann Burns

Russ & Janet Buschert

Cherie Bussert

Sarah & Ryan Butler

Jessica Byres & Cara Halford

Shannon & Jerry Cade

Drew & Kirsten Cadwell

Kelly Kristen Campbell

Maria Cannata

Brian Cannon & Morgan Radcliffe

Lou Capelli

Jeanette Cardamone

David & Barbara Carlson

Doug & Meredith Carnahan

Callie & Michael Carr

Jan Carr

Drew & Megan Case

Richard & Pat Cate

Angelina Cavanaugh

Patrick Cavanaugh & Carol Hackney

CenturyLink Student Philanthropy Program Fund in The Idaho Community Foundation

Blaine & Lin Chandler

Eve & Tom Chandler

Bob & Kathy Chatterton

Ashlee Anderson-Ching & Jeff Ching

Ron Christensen

Erik Christiansen & Linda Mazzu

City Of Boise

Sue Clarke

John Clemens & Rebecca Evans

Lacey Cline

Rick & Lisa Cline

CM Company, Inc.

Carolyn & Charles Coiner

Amy & Chandler Coleman

Judy & William Collins

Kristen & Dustin Colter

Community Partnerships Of Idaho, Inc.

Concrete Placing Company, Inc.

Solomon Conners

Cheryl & Allen Cook

Amanda & John Corddry

Jason & Saundra Coronado

Duane Cover

Christopher & Lelei Coyle

Cross Charitable Foundation, Inc.

David & Peggy Currie

Stacie Curry & Dennis Porter

Chuck & Anne Curtis

Terry & Linda Curtis

V. Dale & Judy Babbitt

Jennifer Peterson & Nathan Dallolio

Staci Darmody

Joseph Daugenti

James Davenport

Ian & Sally Davey

Sheila & Roy Davey

Joe & Carina Davio

Don Davis & Lindsay Randolph Davis

Paula I. Davis

April Dawson

Darin & Ann DeAngeli

Jennifer & Scott DeBoer

Eric DeBord & Fafa Alidjani

Dianna Dees

Kat Dej-Panah

Jeff Seabourn & Shawn Del Ysursa

Joanie Demer

Karen Demps & Michelle Southwick

Jeremy & Lura Dennis

Kristin Diggs & Tyler Scripture

Mary & William Dittrich

Roger & Susan Dittus

Becky & Mike Divittorio

Amy & Alex Doetsch

Clint & Moya Dolsby

Alan Dornfest & Virginia Gillerman

John & Sherri Dowdle

Buck Drew & Becky Klassen

Elizabeth Dudley

Jeffrey Dunlap

Brian & Hilary Dunstan

Jenifer & Dan Dyer

Dixie & Allen Dykman

Dynamite Specialty Products

Susan & William Eastlake

Lynn & Jodie Eberhardt

Liz Edrich & Steve Bard

Libby & Brian Efaw

David & Carrie Eichberg

Amy Ellis

Mike & Mindi Ellis

Lisa Elorrieta & Burke Archibald

Chad & Tamara Emerson

Lindsey Engleka

Andy & Shannon Erstad

Brian & Monique Evancic

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Marjorie Ewing

Shirley Ewing

Dean Eyres

EZ Money Payday Loans

Tracy & Chad Faaborg

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Diana Farmer

Cindy Fazzio

Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Kary Ferguson

First American Title

First Presbyterian Church

Catherine & Edward Fischer

Clark Fleege

Samantha & Douglas Fleenor

Malisa Fleming

Elizabeth Fleshman

Linda Flesner

Gary & Carolyn Fletcher

Eric & Sandra Fletcher

Debbie & Mark Flitton

The Focarile Family

Janice & Steven Fonken

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Mary Fout

Brooke Fowler

John & Jane Francis

Jason & Kris Friday

Gretchen Hecht & Bob Friedman

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Jon Fujinaga

Theron Fulkerson

Margaret Fulmer

John & Mary Funke

Lynne & Will Funke

Susan Furness

Amanda Gailbreath

Brian & Stephany Galbreaith

Christal & Tim Gammill

Allyson & Scott Gatzemeier

Jim & Gail Gaul

Chris & Natalie Geffros

Susan Gemperle-Abdo & Louie Abdo

Susan Gentile

Niccolia & Becca George

Jill Gertje

Mark & Jessica Gier

Jill Giese

Thomas & Susan Gilbert

Clay Gill & Luciana Nolasco

Amy & Nic Ginter

Girl Scout Troop 123

Anne Glass

Ben & Elaine Gleaton

Alice Godfrey

Golden Eagle Audubon Society

Peggy Goldwyn

Janet & Rafael Gonzalez

Jessica & Dylan Gradhandt

Janet Graf

Cheryl Gratton

Green Hornets Hockey Club

Greg Carr

Gregg Burington & Alice Antonioli

Matt Gregg & Amanda Watson

Susan Grey & Gerry Husch

Es & Joe Guilliams

Alan Gummersall

James Guyton & Sharon Westbrook

April Gwin

Amy Haak

Daryl & Janine Habersetzer

Glenn & Leslie Hadden

Carrie & Mark Hagge

Benjamin & Johanna Hale

Eric & Debbie Hale

Melissa & Mike Hale

Christian Hamlat & Tara Anthes

Danna & Mark Hammer

Kathy & Lew Hammers

Chris & Karen Hansen

Jim Hansen & Joan Cartan Hansen

June & Orval Hansen

Barry & Keri Hanson

George & Bev Harad

Amy Harder

Tonya & Douglas Hardesty

Sebastian & Syrena Hargrove

Steve & Elaine Harrell

Anthony & Dana Haskett

Annemarie & Zille Hasnain

Cheryl & Roy Hauswirth

Norma & Philip Hawkins

John & Kathy Hawkinson

Luke & Ylonda Hays

Karl & Sara Heiner

Alicia & Aaron Heisler

Alice Hennessey

Caroline Herrmann

Cynthia Hespe

Jeff Hess

Hewlett Packard Charitable Giving Program

David & Mary Jane Hill

Graham & Tami Hill

Leslee & Thayne Hill

Trisha Hilt

Sarah Hirsch & Stephen Miller

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Deb & John Holleran

Lonnie & Mary Holloway

Holly & Mark Holman

Robert & Sherry Holman

Jenaye Holmes

Mollie & Gary Holt

Cassandra Holtry

Home Space

Jennifer Hooft

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Kathy Horton

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Brian & Rosie Howell

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Patricia Hoyle

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John & Erma Hultman

Ruth Ann Hultman

John & Bonnie Hutchinson

Karen Hutz

Theodore & Maureen Hutz

Kristine Hynes

Icon Credit Union

Idaho Central Credit Union

Idaho Commission on the Arts

Idaho Community Foundation

Idaho Nonprofit Center

Idaho Power Company

Imagine Design Group

Inland Empire Toyota Dealers

Intermountain Eye Centers

Anna & Alex Irwin

Nathan Isaak

Sheila Iverson & Vivian Ogden

J.R. Simplot Company

Edenn & Jared Jablonski

Scott & Angie Jackson

Gary & Renee Jaques

Wendy & Jim Jaquet

The Jarvis Group Architects

Jack & Sharron Jarvis

Jeker Family Trust

Kelli Jenkins

Jensen Eye Associates

Cindy Jensen

Johanna Jensen & Kevin Dunn

Mark & Kristen Jensen

Will & Jenn Jensen

David & Tonya Jeppson

Janice Jeppson

Lynda & David Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Scott & Paula Johnson

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Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation

Becca & Peter Kabasa

Frank & Kerrigan Kalange

Chris & Marie Kantarian

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Jackie & Mike Keiley

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