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Despite a global pandemic that forced Zoo Boise to temporarily close its doors, cancel special events and fundraisers, and restricted zoo rentals and animal encounters with the health and safety of the community in mind, the zoo’s conservation mission remains strong. Zoo Boise not only met its conservation funding goals in the last year but surpassed them.

The zoo is more than a place where people can connect with exotic animals, it’s a force for change and at the heart of everything that Zoo Boise does is its mission to help protect wild animals and wild places in Idaho and all over the world.

Thanks to amazing donors and partners, like Zoo Boise’s Season Sponsor U.S. Bank, the zoo was able to modify its business model during the pandemic while continuing to support the people and organizations on the front lines protecting wildlife. Throughout 2021, Zoo Boise granted out $296,500. That money went to help wildlife all over the world, including right in our own backyard.

Throughout the year, Zoo Boise continued to adjust operations to ensure that guests were able to connect with wildlife, inspire the next generation of conservationists, provide top-notch animal welfare, and be a leader in the Treasure Valley in supporting wildlife conservation.

2021 Zoo Boise Conservation Grant recipients:

Gorongosa National Park – $200,000 to Gorongosa National Park, which is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Zoo Boise is helping to protect the many incredible species that call the park home.

Boise Foothills Restoration Project – $50,000 to help restore the Boise Foothills by removing invasive plant species and planting native vegetation. This will help with wildfires and provide vital habitat for the many animals that call the Boise Foothills home.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums – $16,500 for various conservation programs including AZA SAFE, which is aimed at protecting some of the world’s most endangered species.

Minnesota Zoo Foundation – $5,000 for tiger conservation awareness.

New Nature Foundation – $5,000 for conservation of wild animals through education, empowerment, and an emphasis on creative solutions.

Paso Pacifico – $5,000 to help protect spider monkeys in South America.

Saola Foundation – $5,000 to help protect saola and advancing conservation in the Annamite Mountains.

Wildlife SOS – $5,000 for sloth bear conservation in India.

World Wildlife Federation – $5,000 to help stop illegal trafficking of wildlife and poaching.

Zoo Boise, a division of Boise Parks and Recreation, would like to thank the community for all their support during these challenging times. Together with zoo guests, members, donors, and sponsors like U.S. Bank, Zoo Boise has been able to continue its mission to protect wild animals and wild places. Since 2007, visits to Zoo Boise have generated more than $3 million towards the conservation of animals in the wild, redefining why we have a zoo. Zoo Boise is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, a national organization that supports excellence in animal care, conservation, education, and science.