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Data Shows Donors Support Conservation Efforts

We would like to thank Boise State University for helping us with our donor survey about our upcoming Gorongosa National Park exhibit. The purpose of the survey was to learn a little more about our donors. Out of the 733 surveys that were sent out, we had 270 people respond.

Some of the key things we learned were:

  • 58% of donors find our commitment to wildlife conservation the most motivating part of our mission
  • 66.7% are very interested in wildlife conservation
  • Zoo Boise’s wildlife conservation mission affected the decision to make a donation for 93% of donors

The results of the survey indicate that Zoo Boise’s focus on wildlife conservation resonates with donors, as it continues to be an important issue. Elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, gorillas, pandas, polar bears and countless others—all face extinction within a couple decades. For Zoo Boise, simply being a nice place to bring your family to learn about animals is no longer enough. We had to do more in order to address this crisis that threatens the world’s most iconic species, the same species our children hold so dear.

We made it part of our mission to protect animals in the wild. We turned the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action. With the creation of a conservation fee and a series of fee-based animal interactions, Zoo Boise has generated more than $2 million so far for wildlife conservation projects around the world.

Now it’s time to take our commitment to wildlife conservation to the next level. The zoo has completed a $8.9 million Zoo with a New View Capital Campaign. The project will construct a new 2.5 acre Gorongosa National Park exhibit, including an expansion of the size of the zoo by 1 acre. Gorongosa, once one of the greatest parks in Africa, was destroyed during 25 years of war in Mozambique. Zoo Boise is part of a partnership to rebuild the park, increasing animal populations while also addressing the needs of the very poor people who live nearby. The Gorongosa National Park exhibit in Boise will generate $2 million towards the efforts in Mozambique to protect elephants, lions, zebras and more!

The Zoo Boise exhibit will feature a variety of animals that can be seen in Gorongosa National Park. The exhibit will also tell the story of the agricultural, medical and education programs that are in place to partner with the local people. It will also be a way for visitors to learn about all the components of a real life conservation project as it unfolds.

Zoos and aquariums have the opportunity and responsibility to be one of the largest sources of conservation funding in the world. Zoo Boise is one of the national leaders in this effort and the addition of these new exhibits will provide an example of how to change the definition of what it means to be a zoo.  

Learn more about our upcoming exhibit and how it plays an important role in wildlife conservation by clicking HERE.