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Idaho Gives Day - Crocodiles

You may remember from last year, when donors like you helped raise $20,000 to bring our new giraffe, Tafari, to Boise. Tafari and Jabari are getting along great, and we hope you’ve had the opportunity to meet Tafari.

This year, we need your help to bring an exciting new animal to Zoo Boise.

Can you make a donation today to bring the Nile crocodile to Boise?

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Why crocodiles?

They will be a part of our new Gorongosa National Park exhibit. You may love crocs, or you may have nightmares about them- either way, Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa has lots and lots of crocs! The lake in the Park and its network of rivers and lagoons are the perfect home for Africa’s biggest, and most feared, predator- the Nile crocodile.Crocs play a critical role in Gorongosa’s ecosystem. By bringing them to Boise, you will have the opportunity to not only see them up close, but to also learn about these fascinating apex predators.

Meet the Crocs!

The crocs we would like to bring to Boise are two females currently living in South Dakota. They are five years old, about 5 feet long, and weigh approximately 250 pounds each.

Can you help us bring them to Boise?

Our goal is to raise $10,000. If you donate $100 or more, you’ll receive 2 passes to the opening of the new Gorongosa National Park exhibit in 2019.

If you donate $1,000 or more, you’ll get a crocodile footprint painting as a thank you (once they arrive).

If you donate $10,000 or more, you’ll be the first person to do a special behind the scenes crocodile encounter (additional details TBD).