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Steller's Sea Eagles Arrive at Zoo Boise

We were waiting to announce this exciting news when their exhibit was finished, but decided that now is a good time to give you a sneak peek of the newest animals at Zoo Boise! We are happy to welcome 2 Steller’s sea eagles to your zoo! They are the largest of all sea eagles, with a wingspan of up to 8 feet! They are also the rarest birds-of-prey, found in remote regions of Russia and Japan.

Zoo Boise’s new residents are named Ursula and Vlad the Impaler. Ursula is a 14-year-old female who was born at the Cincinnati Zoo. Vlad is a 12-year-old male who was born at the Vogelpark Avifauna in the Netherlands. They came to Zoo Boise from the Denver Zoo and have been matched as part of the The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, a conservation program that is aimed at maintaining a healthy and genetically diverse population for these animals in order to increase their numbers.

Ursula and Vlad are currently living in the exhibit closest to the Zoo Boise Education Building while their permanent exhibit is being renovated. Zoo Boise Animal Care staff say they are getting along very well and they stay next to each other on the same perches almost all the time.

Can you tell the difference between a Steller’s sea eagle and bald eagle call? Find out by listening to the following calls:
Steller’s Sea Eagle Calls – https://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Haliaeetus-pelagicus
Bald Eagle Calls – https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Bald_Eagle/sounds