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Top 10 Must-Dos at Zoo Boise this Winter

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t slow us down! Here are the Top 10 Must-Dos at Zoo Boise this Winter!

10. Zoo Farm – The Zoo Farm is a lot less crowded this time of year, so you’ll be the center of attention of all the animals at the Zoo Farm.  Conservation Alert: 100% of the quarters raised by the Zoo Farm help to fund the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund, which outfits anti-poaching rangers in Africa, educates farmers on sustainable agriculture practices in Mozambique, funds a captive breeding program of the Southern Idaho ground squirrel (a vital food source for amazing birds of prey), plus much more. The Zoo Farm is presented by your friends at Farm Bureau.

9. African School House – The centerpiece of the African plains exhibit is the African Schoolhouse. This life-sized replica of a real Kenyan schoolhouse is not only heated, but gives you the best possible view of Zoo Boise’s 3 majestic lions; Jabari, Mudiwa, and Obidiah.


8. Small Animal Kingdom – This tropical indoor rainforest is home to cotton-top tamarins, spider monkeys, a sloth, and a 15 foot long python; sounds like the perfect winter getaway for a cold afternoon.

7. Snow Leopards – There’s snow on the ground and with snow in their name, it’s no surprise they’re more active this time of year. Come embrace and enjoy the winter weather with Zoo Boise’s resident slow leopards, Tashi and Kabita.

6. New Gift Shop & Exhibits – The Zootique Gift Shop has been completely renovated and moved into a larger space. Now, the Zootique has community fair trade items that support co-ops in some of the most impoverished places in the world and products that directly support wildlife conservation. Additionally, the Zootique now has 2 animal exhibits: giant elephant shrews and Prevost’s squirrels.

5. Red Panda Cubs – Last summer Zoo Boise welcomed 2 red panda cubs into the world and now they’re spending most of their time playing in their outside exhibit. Now is the prime opportunity to come see these adorable siblings, Simone and Parker.

4. Penguin Pavilion – Zoo Boise’s Penguin Pavilion has been renovated and re-themed. All your favorite Zoo Boise penguins are still here, but are now joined by Inca terns, South American birds with funky white mustaches. If that isn’t incentive enough, right next door are the world’s largest rodents – capybara!

3. ”What’s in a Name?” Exhibit – Besides housing both fruit and Indian flying fox bat colonies, the ”What’s in a Name?” Exhibit is home to sugar gliders and Amazon milk frogs. This is a must-see for any trip to Zoo Boise.

2. Sloth Bear Encounter – How many opportunities will you have to feed a sloth bear? Every day at 2:30pm, the Intermountain Eye Centers Sloth Bear Encounter allows the first 25 visitors to feed a sloth bear mealworms through a special feeding tube. The cost is only $3 and 100% of the proceeds help to fund the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund, which has helped to protect sloth bears and other animals all over the world.

1. Behind the Scenes Tours – Zoo Boise is now offering exclusive Close Encounters of the Wild Kind – Behind the Scenes Tours for penguins, giraffes, lemurs, and Mr. Mac (Aldabra Tortoise).  These private tours are the only way to meet and greet your favorite Zoo Boise residents. For more info visit us online – https://zooboise.org/support/behind-the-scenes-tours-close-encounters-of-the-wild-kind/.

IMG_8541_CropPenguins 12

Bonus – Don’t miss out on our Valentine’s themed events at Zoo Boise:

February 6 – Wild at Heart – A FREE day at Zoo Boise!

February 13 – Woo at the Zoo – A Wild Valentine’s Celebration for Adults with dinner, drinks, dessert, and more!  There’s also I Love the Zoo – For kids of “Woo at the Zoo” parents!