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U.S. Bank Makes Community Possible

Zoo Boise is grateful to have so many fabulous partners. For more than ten years, U.S. Bank has been Zoo Boise’s season sponsor. Their support has made it possible for millions – that’s right, MILLIONS – of people like you to enjoy the zoo. In a year of a global pandemic (2020, I’m talking to you), how has their support impacted Zoo Boise?

Their support has helped for Zoo Boise to reopen their doors and provide a safe, healthy, and outside activity for families to enjoy. Even though your zoo visit might look a little bit different, households are able to observe, learn, and be inspired by wild animals together.

Through their support, we’ve been able to create our Zoo to You video series. Families can observe animal trainings, learn about animals, and find ways to take action to protect wildlife. Whether you are at home or school, the fun and learning doesn’t have to stop. You can find our Zoo to You video series for free by clicking HERE.

Have you met Nala our new female sand cat? Thanks to amazing partners like U.S. Bank, Zoo Boise has been able to grow our animal collection and participate in more Species Survival Plans. Sand cats are one of the world’s smallest wild cats. They are opportunistic hunters and have even known to attack and consume venomous snakes. Learn more about Species Survival Plans by clicking HERE.

Even in 2020, Zoo Boise has been able to reach and inspire so many people. From Preschool Zoo to a simple stroll through the zoo, it’s made possible in part from the support of U.S. Bank. There is no better example of what happens when your community steps up – U.S. Bank makes community possible.