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Upcoming Construction Update

Due to the upcoming construction of the Gorongosa National Park exhibit and demolition of old exhibits certain animals, including the wallabies and kookaburra, have moved to other zoos.  Other animals including the white-handed gibbons and crowned cranes will be housed off exhibit until their new homes are ready.

The new construction will remove and update a number of exhibits that no longer meet modern zoological standards, including the Primate House and aviaries, and include new exhibits for the gibbons and Sarus crane, new event area with a stage and covered seating, and a brand new 2.5 acre Gorongosa National Park exhibit that will feature many new animals including Nile crocodiles, African wild dogs, otters, warthogs, baboons, vervet monkeys, and many more.

The construction is planned to begin in April of 2018 and be finished in Summer of 2019. To learn more about the construction plans, please visit our website at https://zooboise.org/new.

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