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Zoo Boise Announces Birth of Two Red Panda Cubs

Zoo Boise is happy to announce the birth of two red panda cubs this summer.  The cubs, one male and one female, were born on June 18 to parents, Dolly and Winston. They are the third litter born to Dolly and Winston and the fifth litter of red pandas born at Zoo Boise.

Like red pandas in the wild, the cubs have been spending their first few weeks in the den with their mother.  As they continue to grow and develop, they will slowly begin to emerge from the den to explore the exhibit for short periods of time.  Visitors to the zoo may be able to catch glimpses of the cubs as they begin to explore more.  During the next few weeks, mornings and early afternoons are the best time to try and see Dolly with the cubs.

As she did with her previous litters, Dolly has been doing a fantastic job of caring for the cubs.  Zoo Boise staff has been giving Dolly as much privacy as possible, to ensure that she does not become stressed and continues to take excellent care of the cubs.  Weekly check-ups have shown that the cubs are healthy and growing.

This red panda birth is very exciting and significant for Zoo Boise.  The cub’s parents, Dolly and Winston, have been matched as part of the Red Panda Species Survival Program (SSP).  The SSP is one of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s many conservation programs.  Its primary role is to serve as a breeding program for selected endangered or threatened species – a special animal dating service, if you will.  The goal is to maintain a healthy and genetically diverse population for these animals in order to increase their numbers and be able to reintroduce certain zoo-bred animals into their natural habitats, if necessary.

Zoo Boise invites the community to Keep Your World Wild; the zoo turns the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action. Zoo Boise is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, a national organization that supports excellence in animal care, conservation, education and science.  Located in Julia Davis Park, Zoo Boise is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. through Labor Day. For more information, see www.zooboise.org or call 608-7760.