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Zoo Boise Fantasy Football Team

In honor of football season, we created the Zoo Boise Fantasy Football Team. We determined the best animal for each position based upon their size, natural abilities, and personalities. 

Quarterback – Li Bao the white-handed gibbon

Even though she might not be the typical height of a quarterback, she has extraordinarily long arms and thumbs to grip the ball. Additionally, she has an uncanny call that she can use to make the appropriate audibles at the line of scrimmage.

Running Back – Vinnie the Warthog

Low to the ground, weighing up to 330 pounds, with tusks that measure approximately 6 inches long, and the ability to run up to 34 miles per hour, male warthogs can smash through the line of scrimmage and barrel over the opposing defense.

Offensive Line – Giant Anteaters Gloria & McCauley

Anteaters have sharp claws that help them dig into ant mounds and help defend their territory. These sharp claws can also be used to create holes for running backs and protect their quarterback from the rush.

Tight Ends – Giraffes Jabari & Tafari

With heights of up to 18 feet tall and record speeds of 34 miles per hour, they have the ability to get open and catch balls thrown above a defender’s head.

Wide Receivers – Zebras Kailey & Zeke

Zebras are experts at avoiding predators, so they’ll have no issue darting and dodging past defensive backs to get open down field. Plus, with eyesight at night that is as good as an owl, they will have no problem playing a late-night game.

Nose Guard – Paji the Sloth Bear

With claws made for ripping apart termite mounds as hard as concrete, offensive lines will have the near impossible task of trying to stop her from getting to the ball carrier. Don’t let their name fool you, they are not sloths – they’re bears. With speed, agility, and muscle, Paji is the perfect choice for the defensive line.

Defensive Ends – Lions Revan, Mudiwa, & Obadiah

Lions hunt in prides, which increases their success rate and lessens their chance of becoming injured. With the ability to sprint up to 33 miles per hour and their thirst for the kill, opposing quarterbacks will wish they never stepped foot (or paw) on the field.

Middle Linebacker – Diana the Tiger

Tigers are patient hunters who stalk their prey, but when it’s time to attack they quickly grab their prey by the neck. Even though she may get penalized occasionally for her tackling technique, she is the best choice for the position, because SHE’S A TIGER!

Defensive Backs – African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs are considered one of the best hunters in Africa. They work as a group to catch their prey, using signals and calls to constantly communicate. Their amazing hunting skills will ensure they lock down wide receivers and get to the ball every time. They are canines, but you can call them “ball hawks.”

Safeties- Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are extremely elusive and rarely seen in the wild. They will use this ability to mask their coverage and blitzes to disrupt opposing offensives. Snow leopards are used to extreme temperatures and habitats, so no crowd or climate will be able to distract them.

Coach – Gene Peacock

Not the kind of peacock with tail feathers, but the kind that runs Zoo Boise as the director. Mr. Peacock is the perfect candidate to lead our football team to victory!