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Zoo Boise Tiger Returns to Exhibit


Zoo Boise, a division of Boise Parks and Recreation, is happy to announce that the zoo’s 14-year-old Amur tiger, Katarina, has returned to her exhibit following spinal surgery.

Back in October, Katarina suffered a herniated disc resulting in paralysis of her hind legs. The tiger underwent surgery to remove the material compressing her spinal cord. Since then, she has been off exhibit recovering from surgery and slowly regaining mobility in her hind legs under the watchful eye of Zoo Boise staff.

Katarina is now strong enough to return to her exhibit, although her recovery continues. Zoo visitors may notice her stumble a bit and she has a pressure sore on her left hip that is healing. While she continues to regain her strength, Katarina will have the option to stay inside her den if and when she chooses, so she may not always be visible in her exhibit.

Everyone at Zoo Boise appreciates the community’s thoughts and get well wishes while Katarina has been recovering. Zoo staff would especially like to thank the staff at WestVet for their support and multiple local businesses for donating mattresses and cardboard boxes to comfort Katarina as she continues to get her strength back.

Zoo staff will continue to monitor the tiger’s healing process and provide medications and treatment as needed.

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