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Zoos offer a variety of positions depending on an individual’s interest and experience. What unites all zoo employees, regardless of their position, is that they are passionately committed to the animals under their care and to the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces. As with all animal wildlife careers, it is best to continually expand your knowledge and understanding about animals and the habitats in which they live. Study natural sciences such as biology, zoology and ecology and participate in programs offered by local nature centers, museums, and zoos.

Due to the volume of requests, Zoo Boise does not offer interview or shadow options to students at this time.

Zoo Boise is run by 3 separate organizations. To operate a zoo and fulfill its conservation mission, zoos require a many types of jobs and employ people from a variety of different backgrounds, talents, skills, experiences, and education.

City of Boise jobs –

For City of Boise jobs, please visit their website.

Friends of Zoo Boise jobs  –

Volunteer Program Assistant

Service Systems Associates jobs –

No current openings.

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