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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal and show your support for wildlife!

Symbolically add a member of our family to yours today! Become a part of our wonderful and wild zoo family. As a zoo parent, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping wild animals at Zoo Boise and worldwide. Administered by the Friends of Zoo Boise, Adopt-an-Animal funds go towards animal care and enrichment here, and conservation efforts abroad.

Levels of Adoption

Level One $25

Level one includes:

  • Personalized adoption certificate.
  • Animal fact sheet.
  • A thank you note from a Zoo Boise staff member for your donation and support.

Save paper and make your adoption an e-adoption: all papers will be sent electronically to the adopter.

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Level Two $50

Level two includes:

  • All the benefits of Level One plus…
  • Wood plaque for you to decorate. The plaque will be displayed near the animal’s exhibit for 13 months from the date of purchase.
  • Photo of your adopted Zoo Boise animal.

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Level Three $75

Level three includes:

  • All the benefits of Level Two plus…
  • Plush of your adopted animal made of recycled materials.*

*Only select animals available at this level include: Two-Toed Sloth, Lion, Tiger, Magellanic Penguin, Giraffe, and African Wild Dog.

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Adopt a Butterfly $35

Adopt a butterfly and support our pollinators! Our butterflies are on display from June 1st to Labor day, but yours will be year round. Our Adopt-a-Butterfly includes:

  • Pollinator friendly planting guide.
  • Treasure Valley butterfly identification guide.
  • Wooden butterfly for you to decorate. This butterfly will be on display near the butterfly house for 13 months from date of purchase.
  • A photo of your butterfly.

All our adoptions help support wildlife conservation and our animals here at Zoo Boise!

Adopt Online Today

You can also download an Adoption Form and return the completed form to the zoo via postal mail or at the front gate.

See the entire Zoo Boise Animal Collection List for Adoption.

Please Mail Your Completed Adoption Form to: Friends of Zoo Boise, Adopt an Animal 355 Julia Davis Dr. Boise, Id. 83702. For more information, please call 208-608-7765 or email us.

*Due to the ever changing animal collection at Zoo Boise some of the newest residents may not be listed on the form, but are available for adoption. Please note: All adopted animals remain at Zoo Boise to receive the special care they require.