Schools, Youth Groups, & Field Trips

Whether you are on a school field trip or youth group adventure, a visit to Zoo Boise offers unique nature-inspired experiences. Zoo Boise offers and continues to develop tools to assist educators in engaging student learning about animals, habitats, ecology, science, and wildlife conservation.

Field Trip & Group Tour Options:

To make the most of your visit, Zoo Boise offers a variety of opportunities to enhance your wildlife experience! Visit our Educator Resources and Special Attractions page.

Guided Field Trip Program

Guided field trips available September – November and March – May.

Please view the calendar for availability and fill out the request form HERE. A Zoo Boise employee will get back to you to confirm guided program booking.

Self-Guided Field Trip

To see if your group qualifies, please visit the group rate page.

Please fill out the self-guided trip form and a Zoo Boise employee will get back to you to confirm reservation.

Snooze at the Zoo

Experience a campout unlike any other.  Sleep under the stars, surrounded by exotic animals, right in the middle of the city!  You’ll enjoy wildlife-focused programs led by zoo staff (including a zoo tour in the dark), interacting with some animals, exploring the zoo on your own, and more.

Zoo-instructor-led activities vary depending on group size, interests, and goals as well as weather. Sample activities include ecology-themed games, animal meet & greets, nature-themed art projects, and specialized tours. Activities and program schedule can be tailored to meet specific requirements with ample notice to the zoo instructor. For more information, click here.

Parking is limited to two hours in Julia Davis Park year-round (Monday – Friday). Extended parking passes not required for buses parking in authorized “Bus Only” areas. Extended parking passes are available for free with zoo admission.