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Food & Drink

The Expedition Grill has a variety of menu options including fun snacks and healthy meal choices. When weather cooperates, Zoo Boise will have other food options, like the Gorongosa Coffee Cart and treats available at the carousel.

In Zoo Boise’s effort to make our operations as green as possible, the Expedition Grill is now using Biocompostable products such as plates, cups, and utensils. Biocompostables are made from annually renewable resources like sugar cane fiber, corn, or potato starch instead of non-renewable resources like petroleum (plastic and Styrofoam). They also use less energy in their production.


Zoo Boise also offers catering for your group or event. For more information, please call 208-608-7761.

Zootique Gift Shop

Zoo Boise’s gift shop, is one stop you don’t want to miss! We carry a great assortment of fun and educational souvenirs, with a wildlife and environmental theme. To reach the gift shop call 208-608-7757.

Visit the Gift Shop Online Here

Zootique Gift Shop Rentals:

Single Stroller – $8
Double Stroller – $10
Wagon – $10
Wheelchair – $10
ECV Scooter – $30

Zoo Carousel

Are you ready to embrace your inner child and ride the Zoo Boise carousel? The cost is only $2 and tickets can be purchased at the carousel. Operation times are weather and staff dependent.

Zoo Boise’s Carousel is sponsored by: