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Donation Requests

We are not taking donation requests at this time.

Due to the temporary closure of the zoo and resulting loss of revenue, we are unable to accept donation requests at this time. We value being a part of community events and fundraisers, and we hope to be able to fulfill donation requests again in the future.

Feel free to revisit this page in the fall to check for donation request updates. All requests submitted to the zoo during this time will not be saved.

If you received a donation from us before the closure, the donation is still valid until the expiration date listed on the item.

Thank you for your understanding.



Friends of Zoo Boise is happy to assist Treasure Valley schools and other nonprofit organizations with fundraisers by donating passes to Zoo Boise.

We receive a large number of requests every year. In order to assist us in granting donations, please reference our protocols below before filling out our Donation Request Form: