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Adult Volunteers

More than 350,000 guests come through Zoo Boise’s gates each year. We depend on our dedicated volunteers to provide a fun, educational, and conservation-driven experience for each and every person that comes to Zoo Boise.

Whether interpreting habitats, assisting animal care staff, aiding with education programs, greeting guests, or helping with special events, volunteers are a crucial part of turning the act of visiting the zoo into a conservation action. No prior animal experience required, but a passion for wildlife and conservation is!

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Adult Volunteers receive the following benefits:

What volunteers say about volunteering at Zoo Boise:

“The thing I love about Zoo Boise is that guests actively help conserve wild animal populations and increase species survival just by visiting.”

“I am a better student, member of the community, and potential DVM candidate because of my time spent at Zoo Boise.”

“I love Zoo Boise! The people who work there are fabulous. Everyone is nice and so caring about the animals and dedicated to their well-being.”

“One forgets about the severe threats to habitat whether from development, pollution, poaching, or neglect and its effect on keeping wildlife wild.  My hope is to help bridge the gap between fiction and fact, particularly for the youth.”

“I feel that the relationship between the zoo and its volunteers is very symbiotic. I have been given by the zoo as much if not more than I gave to the zoo.”

“Zoo Boise is making a huge difference in the zoo world. We really are making a difference with our conservation programs and it’s so rewarding to be a part of it! All you have to do is go to the zoo!”

“The Zoo every weekend is something I look forward to all week!”

“Being able to do what I do at the zoo, has been the most amazing experience for me, in many ways”

“Have you met these animals? They’re amazing!

Community, Group, and Special Event Volunteer Opportunities:

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