Zoo Boise to Welcome Female African Lion

Mar 1, 2023

tiger licking cage

Zoo Boise, a division of Boise Parks and Recreation, is excited to announce the upcoming arrival of a new female African lion in early March.

The lion was born at the Santa Barbara Zoo in November of 2020 to mom Felicia and dad Ralph. The two-year-old lion is coming to Zoo Boise from Santa Barbara through a partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Both zoos are part of the AZA and engage in its mission to advance zoos in conservation, education, science, and recreation, as well as efforts to support the genetic health and longevity of numerous species, including African lions.

Zoo Boise currently has one male lion, Revan. The new lioness was paired with Revan through the Species Survival Plan, a cooperative conservation program by the AZA. She will be a companion to Revan, as there are no plans for the lions to breed.

Upon arrival, the lion will be off exhibit for some time while going through the usual quarantine period. Zookeepers at Zoo Boise will work to make her comfortable and help her get to know her new surroundings. Once that quarantine period is over, the new lion will be placed on exhibit. We’ll make an announcement and invite the public to visit her when the time is right.

“We are excited about this important addition to Zoo Boise,” said Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway. “The young lioness will help us further our conservation mission. We look forward to her joining Revan in our African lion exhibit soon.”

Zoo Boise staff appreciates the community’s patience throughout the introduction process and can’t wait for everyone to meet this new addition.

Zoo Boise is owned by the City of Boise and managed by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with the Friends of Zoo Boise nonprofit. Located in Julia Davis Park, Zoo Boise is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a national organization that supports excellence in animal care, conservation, education, and science.

Photo courtesy of Allison Korte, Friends of Zoo Boise Board of Directors