Alexandrine parakeet

Psittacidae eupatria


Near Threatened

Activity Period




Talk about smart

Alexandrine parakeets are named after King Alexander, or Alexander the Great, who was rumored to keep this species as a pet. These birds are brilliant animals, known to imitate human speech!

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These birds can be found in forest, shrubland, and desert habitats.


Found naturally in southern and southeast Asia, as well as along the Himalayan mountains.

Life Expectancy

In the wild, Alexandrine parakeets can live 25-30 years. Under human care, they can reach 40 years or older.


These parakeets eat a diet of fruits, seeds, flowers, vegetables, and grains.

Social Structure

Alexandrine parakeets tend to live in small flocks. Flocks may be larger where food and resources are abundant.

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