Chinese red panda

Ailurus styani



Activity Period




The “original panda” is an incredibly nimble climber

Only a small portion of the red panda’s range is accessible to scientists. Much of what we know about red pandas comes from studying them in zoos.

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Chinese red pandas (a.k.a. Styan's red pandas) typically live in colder places than the related Himalayan red pandas. As a result, they have longer fur and larger bodies to stay warm.


Chinese red pandas live in China, Nepal, and Bhutan. Because of this, they're also known as Chinese red pandas.

Life Expectancy

Red pandas have a life expectancy of 8-10 years in the wild and 15 years under human care.


Red pandas have adapted to almost exclusively eat bamboo leaves and shoots. Here at Zoo Boise, they also receive leaf-eater biscuits and fruit as treats.

Social Structure

With the exception of breeding season, red pandas are typically solitary animals.

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