Himalayan red panda

Ailurus fulgens



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The “original panda” is an incredibly nimble climber

Meaning “fire-colored or bright”, 19th-century French zoologist Frédéric Cuvier noted red pandas were the most beautiful animal he had ever seen when naming them. Today, there are two recognized types of red pandas: the Himalayan red panda and the Chinse [a.k.a. Styan’s] red panda. They differ in geographic range and size.

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Red pandas can be found in high-altitude temperate forests and high mountain areas.


They live across Nepal and Bhutan in high-elevation bamboo forests where the lichen on trees matches the color of their fur.

Life Expectancy

The average is 9-14 years old, although some may live longer in human care.


Red pandas have adapted to almost exclusively eat bamboo leaves and shoots. At Zoo Boise, they also receive leaf-eater biscuits and various fruits as treats.

Social Structure

Red pandas are primarily solitary animals, except during mating season.

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