BioBlitz at Zoo Boise

Sunday, September 24
5:30 – 730PM

Grab your friends and family and help us discover what plants and animals live on zoo grounds.

A bioblitz is an event where everyone tries to find as many animals, plants, and fungi (not under human care) as possible.

So, why do a bioblitz at Zoo Boise? The 17-acre facility isn’t just home to monkeys, crocodiles, and sloth bears. Canada geese, great horned owls, turkey-tail mushrooms, yellow iris, and many more wild organisms call the zoo home as well. Our job as community scientists will be to take pictures and document this vast urban biodiversity!

This event is free, but requires registration. Register here.

Our data will aid scientific research, and who knows, maybe we’ll find an undescribed species to science! The entire bioblitz will be conducted from the public side of the zoo; zoo staff will assist community scientists as they traverse zoo grounds.