African wild dog

Lycaon pictus



Activity Period




Africa’s most successful hunters

African wild dogs, also known as African painted dogs, are very cooperative and rely on pack members to have specific jobs. Wild dogs have a variety of different ways to communicate- including sneezing.

tiger licking cage


African wild dogs are found in a variety of spaces, including savannas, grasslands, and dry forests.


Mainly in countries within eastern and southern Africa, as far north as Chad.

Life Expectancy

Similar to large domestic dogs, an average life expectancy would be about 10 years.


These canines are expert hunters and boast the highest success rate of any large African predators. They can hunt anything from huge water buffalo to small gazelle. Here, the wild dog brothers favorite meal is a whole rabbit.

Social Structure

Wild dogs have an incredibly complex structure, often considered the most social canine. They hardly ever fight, choose leaders based on intelligence, and can even put decisions to a vote.

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