Bat-eared fox

Otocyon megalotis


Least Concern

Activity Period




Have you heard? They probably have.

This fox’s enormous ears – usually five inches long – help them stay cool and provide a very keen sense of hearing to catch prey. They can hear a single insect crawling or burrowing up to a foot underground! They then crunch on these snacks with 46-50 teeth – more than any other canine.

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These canines live in African savannas with short grassy plains and arid environments.


Bat-eared foxes are found throughout southern and eastern Africa.

Life Expectancy

Typical expectancy of 13-17 years, may live longer under human care.


They are primarily insectivores, eating beetles and termites as the main part of their diet. They may also eat small rodents, lizards, eggs, and plant matter.

Social Structure

Bat-eared foxes typically form family groups, consisting of mated pairs and their pups.

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