Black-handed spider monkey

Ateles geoffroyi



Activity Period




Incredibly intelligent

These incredibly intelligent monkeys are well adapted to life in the trees. With their long arms and fingers, paired with a completely prehensile [grasping] tail, navigating treetops is a breeze.

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Spider monkeys require pristine rainforests that have never been disturbed. These forests contain the mature fruit trees they need to survive.


These monkeys are found all throughout Central America.

Life Expectancy

Spider monkeys under human care can live anywhere from 25-45 years old. Zoo Boise is home to potentially the world's oldest spider monkey, Elvis, who is thought to have been born in 1962.


Spider monkeys have a varied diet eating mostly fruits, but also seeds, nuts, and small insects.

Social Structure

Spider monkeys are social and prefer to be around other monkeys within their community while swinging through trees.

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