Cotton-top tamarin

Sagunius oedipus


Critically Endangered

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Impressive hair styles

Cotton-top tamarins are known for their white fur on their heads and chests. They are one of the smallest primates but often look larger than their actual size due to their thick fur.

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Consists of tropical forest environments with lots of trees and thick vegetation.


Cotton-top tamarins can only be found in a small part of northern Colombia.

Life Expectancy

In the wild, cotton-top tamarins can live up to 13 years. Under human care, they can live into their early twenties.


Tamarins are omnivores, with lots of variety in their diet. They eat insects, flowers, sap, eggs, fruit, and vegetation.

Social Structure

Cotton-top tamarins live in family groups of 3-9 individuals, sometimes more. One mated pair is usually dominant over the others in the group.

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