Gorongosa girdled lizard

Smaug mossambicus


Least Concern

Activity Period




These reptiles rock!

A secretive rock dweller, this small lizard represents an often unseen world of Gorongosa National Park. Males with brightly colored bellies fight tooth and claw over the best rock stack homes. All right under the noses of lions and elephants.

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Stacks and piles of rocks create the ideal habitat for Gorongosa girdled lizards. They might live on the same rock stack for their entire lives.


These lizards are found on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border as well as in the Gorongosa region.

Life Expectancy

No one quite knows how old these lizards typically live, either in their native range or under human care.


Gorongosa girdled lizards are carnivores, with most of their diet being insects. This is also the case at the zoo, where they're fed crickets and waxworms.

Social Structure

Little is known about the potential size of girdled lizard groups.

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