Indian flying fox

Pteropus giganteus


Least Concern

Activity Period




Hanging out with one of largest bats

Indian flying foxes, or giant fruit bats, are one of the largest bat species in the world, with a wingspan stretching over four feet. They work hard to help plant growth and dispersal by spitting out seeds and dry pulp as they feed.

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Indian flying foxes are found in tropical forests and swamps. You can often find them near bodies of water, where they can access large trees to accommodate their large colony sizes.


Indian flying foxes are native to southern Asia, namely across Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives islands.

Life Expectancy

Typically around 14 years. Under human care, they have been documented to live as long as 30 years.


Indian flying foxes feed on various fruits [mainly figs], flowers, nectar, and the occasional insect. They use sight and smell to locate food rather than echolocation like other insectivorous bats.

Social Structure

A social species that live in colonies of several hundred. Males hold vertical dominance over females in the roosting tree.

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