Madagascar hissing cockroach

Gromphadorhina portentosa


Least Concern

Activity Period




They don’t “boo”, but they do “hiss”

This roach’s name comes from the hissing noise it makes when startled. These sounds are made when air is pushed out through spiracles, tiny holes on the sides of their bodies that help them breathe.

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The leaf litter layer of the forest provides plenty of food, water, shelter, and space for a happy cockroach.


Madagascar hissing cockroaches, as their name suggests, are only found natively on the island of Madagascar.

Life Expectancy

These robust roaches can live up to five years old.


Hissing cockroaches are detritovores, meaning they eat decaying plant matter and revitalize the soils they live on.

Social Structure

Pssst… It's no secret that these critters are gregarious and like to live in groups.

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