Maned wolf

Chrysocyon brachyurus


Near Threatened

Activity Period




South America’s largest canine

Maned wolves are a very unique canine. They look like large foxes [on stilts?], and have ‘wolf’ in their name. However, they are neither wolves nor foxes. Instead, they are in their own special group.

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Pampas are much like the prairies of North America, with just a bit more water and slightly warmer. The grass can get very tall, which is where maned wolves' long legs help them survive.


They can be found in northern South America in drier areas with tall grass called the Pampas.

Life Expectancy

Like many large dogs, maned wolves may reach up to the mid-teens in age. However, it is not uncommon to live 10-13 years old.


Maned wolves are unique because they eat significantly less meat than other canines. At times, up to half of their diet might include vegetation.

Social Structure

Maned wolves are solitary or live in pairs. Male maned wolves under human care have been known to assist in caring for pups, which hasn't been observed in South America.

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