Nile crocodile

Crocodylus niloticus


Least Concern

Activity Period




Second biggest species of crocodile

Nile crocodiles are the second biggest species of crocodile. On average, they will weigh around 900 pounds when fully grown!

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Nile crocodiles prefer large bodies of freshwater that have lots of prey. Gorongosa National Park is thought to have one of the highest densities of Nile crocodiles in Africa.


Despite their name, Nile crocodiles are the most common crocodilian in Africa and can be found in most major African river systems.

Life Expectancy

Some of the oldest crocodiles have lived to be around 80 years old!


Smaller crocodiles - those living in rivers - mostly eat fish. Larger crocs mainly eat large mammals that get too close to the water. At Zoo Boise, Pandora eats a mixture of fish and beef chunks with vitamins.

Social Structure

Nile crocodiles are social and will bask, nest, and even hunt together.

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