Olive baboon

Papio anubis


Least Concern

Activity Period




The versatile, stout, and skilled monkey

Olive baboons are ecologically flexible. They are able to consume a wide variety of food and live in a wide variety of habitats due to their impressive foraging skills.

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Wide variety of habitats that include savannas, forests, open grasslands, and desert habitats.


Olive baboons are native to two dozen countries throughout Africa. They are the most wide-ranging species of baboons.

Life Expectancy

Baboons under human care have been known to live up to 45 years. In Africa, they average 20-30 years.


Olive baboons are omnivorous and eat a varied diet of fruits, seeds, bugs, and small vertebrates. They will hunt in groups or alone.

Social Structure

Olive baboons live in troops ranging from 10 to over 100 members. Adults help with the young, but males leave the troop at around six years old to join another.

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