Palm-nut vulture

Gypohierax angolensis


Least Concern

Activity Period




At one point called vulturine fish eagles

One of the smallest vultures, palm-nut vultures don’t look like your typical vulture at all. At one point they were called “vulturine fish eagles” because of how differently they looked.

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Commonly found in and above grasslands and the savanna.


Palm-nut vultures range largely throughout central Africa, with populations present on both the west coast and the east coast.

Life Expectancy

There are not many consistent records of palm-nut vulture life expectancy. The best approximate guess is 25-30 years old.


As the name implies, a large portion of this vulture's diet consists of "palm nuts" or a fleshy fruit from palm oil trees. They do not scavenge for dead meat.

Social Structure

Thought to be monogamous, these vultures don't congregate in large groups and will even fend off other fruit-eating animals (like parrots or monkeys) from their favorite trees.

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