Pied crow

Corvus albus


Least Concern

Activity Period




Something to crow about

This crow does not have any relation to flaky, fruit-filled desserts. Instead, the name “pied” comes from piebald, which refers to the colors of the magpie. These African birds are very similar to our local crows: intelligent, opportunistic, and loud.

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Can be found in all kinds of habitats due to their adaptability. They utilize grasslands, woodlands, riverbanks, and even human habitations.


Pied crows are prevalent in most of Sub-Saharan Africa but have also been introduced to some parts of Europe.

Life Expectancy

Most crows under human care can live up to their twenties. Crows in their native habitats have a very variable life expectancy.


Anything and everything! Pied crows are opportunistic omnivores and have been known to hunt, eat fruit and veggies, scavenge, and even eat human food.

Social Structure

These crows are monogamous, living with only one partner for their entire lives.

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