Sarus crane

Grus antigone



Activity Period




Dancing machines!

Known for elaborate dance moves – head bobbing, leaping, deep bowing, running with wings flapping – sarus cranes are the tallest flying birds, standing nearly six feet tall. They also boast an impressive wingspan of eight feet long. Speaking of impressive, these cranes make loud trumpeting calls that can carry for several miles.

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Sarus cranes live in wetland habitats such as marshes, swamps, and flooded fields.


Native to northern Australia and several southeastern Asian countries.

Life Expectancy

15 years in the wild, but up to 40 years under human care.


Sarus cranes are omnivores and eat a variety of insects, fish, seeds, and plants.

Social Structure

This nonmigratory bird typically lives in pairs or family groups. Large flocks may gather near resources. [Our current crane, Claudia, prefers having her own space.]

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