Leptailurus serval


Least Concern

Activity Period




Adapted to serve them well

Servals seem to be cats of strange proportions. A short tail, long legs, giant ears, and an elongated body and neck. These proportions are very important for them to thrive in the African savanna.

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Servals prefer grasslands in which their favorite prey scurries around. Their long legs and large ears help them navigate the tall grasses and find food.


Servals can be found in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, although they previously inhabited most of Africa.

Life Expectancy

Servals can often live up to 19 years under human care.


Servals are carnivores and eat almost exclusively meat. They are incredible hunters and succeed on hunts much more than their larger cousins. They will eat rodents, birds, and anything else they can catch.

Social Structure

Servals are typically solitary but have been known to congregate in small groups for short periods.

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