Spotted-necked otter

Hydrictis maculicollis


Near Threatened

Activity Period




You otter know about this webbed-paw swimmer

Spotted-necked otters get their name from the white speckled pattern along their throats.

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Freshwater habitats such as lakes, rivers, and streams abundant in fish.


Spotted-necked otters are found throughout central Africa in lakes and larger rivers. They are most commonly found in Lake Victoria and Zambia.

Life Expectancy

In their native habitat, spotted-necked otters have been documented to live to about eight years old and about 14 years old under human care.


Their primary source of food is small and medium-sized fish. However, they will also eat other small creatures such as frogs, crabs, insects, and birds.

Social Structure

Spotted-necked otters can be solitary or live in large social groups. Females give birth to one to three pups and stay with them for about one year.

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