Steller’s sea eagle

Haliaeetus pelagicus



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Pretty radical raptors… Stellar even!

This eagle was named for Georg Wilhelm Steller, a noted 18th-century European zoologist and explorer. It is not a typo of “stellar”. These magnificent birds would fit the bill though: they’re the largest and most powerful of all eagles. This includes their close relatives, the bald eagle and white-tailed sea eagle.

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Little is known about Steller’s sea eagles due to the remote nature of their natural habitat: rocky seacoasts and rivers with tall trees.


Soaring and perched above eastern Russia (including Siberia), the Korean peninsula, and northern Japan. But they have also been observed in North America, off Maine's coast.

Life Expectancy

Estimated 20-25 years, although not well documented.


These birds of prey mainly eat fish. At Zoo Boise, they prefer trout, herring, and mackerel, with other meat sometimes mixed in (i.e.- mice, rabbits, and quail).

Social Structure

Steller's sea eagles are solitary. However, they will share turf in areas with abundant fish and live with their mate during nesting season.

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