Vervet monkey

Chlorocebus pygerythrus


Least Concern

Activity Period




Primates green without envy

Vervet monkeys are sometimes called “green monkeys” for the slight green tint that their fur gives off when you see them from afar.

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Tend to live on the edge of forests, savannas, and shrublands. Their location is very dependent on access to food, water, and large trees for sleeping.


Mainly found throughout eastern sub-Saharan Africa.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy is around 15 years. However, some vervet monkeys have been documented to live up to 30 years.


These omnivorous primates are known to spend time in urban areas where farmers have an abundance of crops.

Social Structure

Vervet monkeys live in large troops that are ever-growing. They thrive because of their unique communication systems and variation of calls, sounds, and body language.

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